"Meet The Team" 


 Jason Mainella AKA LunchboxFPV

  CEO & Founder

For four years now, Jason Mainella, also known as Lunchbox FPV, has dedicated all of his time to the FPV and drone community. Focusing on education as his primary mission in this fast growing industry, Jason has worked with educational institutions, health professionals, large corporations, the manager Canada’s official drone racing team and is the first ever appointed Drone Commander for the Canadian Air Cadets. About two years ago, he realized there was a huge hole in the industry that he wanted to fill. The march towards creating the perfect beginner kit began, and after learning everything he could about 3D printing and combined that with his knowledge, he travelled to china to produce his own PCB board and personally gave working prototypes to 14 of the best micro drone pilots in the world to bring his idea, DaLunchbox, to life. Today, Jason is focused and ready to share DaLunchbox with the world on March 1st when he launches his Kickstarter campaign.

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Lorena Miller AKA LunchLady

Art Director

For the past ten years Lorena has dedicated her life to visual art. Producing her own visual content as a photographer, videographer, and video jockey for Montreal’s local house music scene. One day after watching a video produced by Gab 707, she was blown away by the content that came out of the racing drone when handled with grace and an artistic vision. She became more and more interested in the drones flying around her house and she started filming with DJIs Phantom for a while, which she did not like much due to the lag and lack of smooth control. Since last year, her love for drones has grown incredibly due to the community and she actively flys her Tiny Whoop whenever she gets the chance. Starting a new chapter with DaLunchbox in 2018… watch out folks.

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 Derek Clee AKA PlatinumFPV


  For as long as he can remember, Derek Clee has been on and off skateboards, snowboard, dirtbikes, BMX bikes, and everything he could find that gave him a rush. When he wasn’t getting the adrenaline and rush he craved from sports, Derek played video games, and as with sports did whatever he could to master it the game. In January 2017, a friend introduced Derek to drones, immediately he sold his racing 4-wheeler and used the money to get some FPV gear. Since then, he never looked back. Derek has spent hours and hours on a simulator and in his own backyard, trying to master the art of flight. To this day Derek lives and breaths everything FPV as he begins 2018 working with Lunchbox FPV on pushing drone education first and sharing his creation DaLunchbox with the world. A changed man because of FPV, meet Platinum FPV.

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 Jesse Perkins AKA "MR TinyWhoop"

Drone Manufacturer