DaLunchboxV2 grew from a need to fill a gap in the drone industry. We are offering a new
tool for beginner FPV pilots, and for professionals. With over a year of research,
development, testing, and preparations under our belt, it is now time for you to get one.
All of the hard work has been done and we are now ready for production, but we need your
help to do that.

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Convenient Carry Case with Handle

A cool and convenient carry case with handle, that is compact and easy to carry.



Charge up to four 1s lipo batteries at once and never worry about a charge again!


XT60 Connector

Use any of your 2S-6S lipo batteries to keep DaLunchbox powered endlessly.


Volt Checker

Use the volt checker to see how much battery life you have before plugging into the box or to one of your quads.


Video Out Port

Use the video out port to feed your videos to larger screens or to your goggles when flying long ranges.


USB Charging Port

Charge your mobile devices like your GoPro, remote, cell phone, really anything that can be charged via USB.


Tripod Screw

Mount DaLunchbox to any standard tripod and use it as the perfect base station.


Micro SD Card Reader

Use the micro sd card reader to replay, record, and share your videos on social media platforms.



Automatically select you channel with DaLunchbox and never worry about connecting to your drone again.


Power Switch

Turn DaLunchbox on and off with ease to conserve power when on the go.


5” LED Screen

You can watch and share your videos in real-time with friends and family on our clear and crisp 5” LED Screen.


Rechargeable Internal Battery

Charge DaLunchbox with any 12V wall plug, with charging cable included. (1.5 hours of run time on one charge)


Removable Customizable Inserts

Customize and remove inserts to make your DaLunchbox unique! To customize, simply download the file from, edit and print!


Diversity System

Built-in diversity system to connect to FPV devices .