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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

What is a prototype?


DaLunchbox has been in the making for two years! We have created multiple prototypes, working closely with manufactures, engineers, and professional pilots. Today we present to you a working model ready for production!


DaLunchbox has over ten feautures, previously found separately, now integrated into one convenient case.

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5” LED Screen - Watch and share your flight videos in real-time with our clear 5 inch LED Screen. 

Battery Charging Station - Charge up to four 1S 255mAh batteries at once.

Diversity System - The built-in diversity system comes equipped with two 5.8GHZ antennas and auto-scan capabilities.

Video Out Port - Connect any cable to the video out port to feed your camera video to larger screens or your goggles in real time.

Micro SD Card Reader - Use the micro SD card slot to record, watch, and share your videos on social media platforms.

USB Charging Port - Charge all of your mobile devices like your GoPro, remote, cell phone and more.

XT60 Connector - Use one of your 2S-6S lipo batteries to charge DaLunchbox on the go!

Voltage Meter - Always be aware of your battery life. Use the small LED screen to see how much life you have left in your batteries before you use them.

Tripod Screw - Mount DaLunchbox to any standard tri-pod to use it as a professional base station for racing and long distance flying!

Rechargeable Internal Battery - Use the included 12V wall plug to charge the internal battery that lasts 1.5 hours on a full charge.

Removable & Customizable Inserts - Customize and remove our inserts to make your DaLunchbox unique! To customize, simply download the file from, edit and print!

Convenient Carry Handle - A convenient carry handle makes DaLunchbox easy to carry.

“The Swiss army knife for the drone community, DaLunchbox is everything you need in one.” - Jason Mainella, Founder


DaLunchbox is a complete all-in-one system, making it the ultimate plug and play kit!


With all of our integrated features in one compact case, you can easily use the DaLunchbox in multiple ways.

As a video recorder:

 1) Insert Micro SD Card

2) Hit Record Button red dot on Lunchbox screen flashing for video recording

3) Remove SD card, transfer & upload Videos

You can easily record your flight videos and post them to platforms like YouTube or Facebook. With the built-in Digital Video Recording system never worry about hitting the record button on your goggles or missing a flight video again!

As a battery charging station:

1) Insert any 1S battery into the charging port

2) Wait until the red light turns green

3) Remove the charged battery

 You can use your DaLunchbox to charge up to four 1S 255mAh micro drone batteries and keep your drone in the air!

As a USB charger:

1) Plug the USB cable into your device

2) Plug the USB end into DaLunchbox USB port

3) Enjoy charging your devices on the go


Feel safe in any situation, with DaLunchbox you can charge your devices on the go, like your remote, GoPro, and cell phone!

As a Buddy Screen:

1) Auto-Scan or manually choose your channel

2) Place DaLunchbox on a table

3) Enjoy watching live real-time footage 

Use DaLunchbox as a buddy screen and enjoy watching your friends fly around!

As a Base Station:

1) Mount your DaLunchbox to any tri-pod

2) Use the Auto-Scan button to automatically find your channel or manually select your channel

3) Plug your goggles into the video out port and enjoy a longer range

Thanks to the built-in diversity system you can use DaLunchbox as a base station to fly longer distances.

As a Professional Setup:

1) Set each DaLunchbox to a channel

2) Assign each pilot to one of those channels

3) Assign each pilot to DaLunchbox that corresponds to their channel

 Up to 8 pilots can race at the same time, each using DaLunchbox. With everyone being able to select their own channels and spotters being able to watch on the screens, it has never been so easier to practice or race with friends!

As an Entertainment System:

1) Use a video out wire connected to your larger screen or TV  

2) Connect to DaLunchbox video out port   

3) Share what you see in real time

You can use the Lunchbox to entertain your friends and family with a unique real-time video of your surroundings. With the integrated video out port you can make the screen larger by connecting to any TV screen.

Ready-To-Fly Options

In order to offer Ready-to-Fly options, meaning your DaLunchbox comes with a drone that is ready to be used right out of the box, we teamed up with the largest micro drone company in the world, Tiny Whoop. Tiny Whoop has built a strong reputation around the globe for its stability, technology, and support in the FPV community. We are excited to offer a kit with a Tiny Whoop inside DaLunchbox!


DaLunchbox was created for first time users, hobbyists, and professionals. It is complete, compact, portable, and practical.

After much research, testing with 14 of the best micro drone pilots, and working with manufacturers and engineers we are proud to show off this version to you.


You have two color options to choose from! When we e-mail you to confirm your e-mail address we will ask you which color you prefer!

Snozzberry Color, Blue and Pink

Bumble Bee Color, Yellow and Black 

Feeling Mysterious? Choose our Mystery color perk and participate in choosing the third color option! Find out on March 20th which color had the most votes!


5” LED Screen with 800*480 resolution.  

Micro SD Card Reader for any standard micro sd card.  

40 Channel 5.8ghz, RX5808 custom programmed Diversity system.  

USB Charging Port for any standard USB Cable.  

Battery Charging Station is for single cell (1S) lipo batteries and uses a 2.0 JST connector.  

Two Internal 18650 rechargeable batteries that last up to 1.5 hours on a full charge. 

Charge the batter via a 12V wall plug, included with every DaLunchbox.

ABS Molded inserts.  

Standard Voltage meter.  

Travel handle secured held with pressure form dowels.  

Tripod screw for any standard tri-pod.  

Standard video out port to connect to goggles or larger screens.  

XT-60 Connector can power DaLunchbox endlessly with any 2S- 6S Lipo battery.


The integrated buttons are used to control DaLunchbox features. The left three buttons control the Digital Video Recording system, The three bottom buttons control the diversity system and auto-scan, and the three right buttons control the screen display.


DaLunchbox Tour 2018 will be touring the west coast of the USA during this campaign, March 2018. If you would like to meet our team and join our journey, sign up below to get a detailed list of the places we will be visiting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of battery do you need to power DaLunchbox? A. You can use any 2S-6S lipo batter with our built-in XT60 connector. Use our voltage meter to make sure your batter is fully charged and plug it into the Xt-60 connector.

Q. Does DaLunchbox record what I see in my goggles in real time? A. Yes by connecting to your drone,  DaLunchbox allows you to record what your camera is seeing in real-time. Simply insert a micro SD card, hit the record button and enjoy.

Q. Does it have an SD Card Reader? A. Yes, DaLunchbox has a built-in micro SD Card Reader so you can record and play your videos with ease.

Q. How many batteries can I charge at once? A. You can charge up to 4 1S 255mAh lipo batteries at once.

Q. Does it charge my IPhone or Android? A. Yes, DaLunchbox has a USB port to charge all mobile devices.

Q. How does it charge? A. You can charge the internal battery with the 12V wall adapter we provide and you can also charge your DaLunchbox on the go with any 2s-6s LiPo battery.

Q. Can I replace the inner compartments? A. Yes, DaLunchbox has removable and customizable inner compartments that make your DaLunchbox ready for any activity. Simply download the 3D file from and print from anywhere!

Q. Where can I find instructions on how to use DaLunchbox? A. DaLunchbox will come with an instruction manual, equipped with pictures and detailed descriptions on how to use each feature.


Risks and challenges

Risk: Not knowing exactly which date the delivery guy with bring your DaLunchbox.

Challenge: Waiting for your DaLunchbox calmly.

Why no other risks or challenges?

Research and Development: DaLunchbox has been two years in the making, working with engineers in Canada, the USA, and China, testing with 14 of the best micro drone pilots in the world, and creating many versions before the final one you see before you in this campaign.

Production: Spending over six weeks in China, we solidified a trusted manufacturer that is ready to produce DaLunchbox as soon as we hit our funding goal. Jason Mainella will personally be traveling to China after the campaign to test the quality of each DaLunchbox that is produced.

Investment: That is where you come in. No big investors, just you. With your support we can bring DaLunchbox into production and in your hands.

Possible Negative Outcome: As with any Kickstarter, there is a risk we do not reach our goal. With your support, we will have a successful campaign!