XDC: Clash of Drones

Posted on March 08 2018

XDC: Clash of Drones

After everything that happened with the RV in Texas, and the long sketchy drive getting to Las Vegas, I couldn't be happy to see my Team Canada FPV family!

XDC was one of the coolest drone races to watch, everyone there was very impressed with the course, and the spectators were having a great time watching. 

Unfortunately, Team Canada wasn't able to take home the gold on this one, we had some bad luck with equipment. The boys tried there very best, and performed really well, in a very stressful environment! They tried there best, and that's all we want! We didn't leave empty handed though!

Congratulations to Team Nexxblades on the victory, those guys performed very well that night. As well as all the other pilots, pit members and volunteers!

I'm really looking forward to the next XDC race. This was easily one of my favorite team races by far. Thanks again for having us!

Check out the video from XDC here!


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