X-Class & Long Range FPV

Posted on July 16 2018

X-Class & Long Range FPV

I got to fly an X-Class drone for the very first time.... Oh..my...god... It was amazing!!


Went out with the iFlight team again, and Lawson FPV let me rip his X-Class drone, It's safe to say I'm fully addicted. Flying an X-Class compared to a 5" racer is like driving a muscle car compared to a tuner. It just feels amazing.

Lawson FPV gave me my first long range experience .. So i re-payed him with his first long range experience. Both of us didn't have proper long range rigs, but we had crossfire so it was good enough for us ;) X-Class and mounting surfing? Yes please, any day.

To top it all off, I ate some new stuff! Because it's China so why not ;) If you wanna see some bad ass long range flights, X-Class drones and weird food, then click here! :)


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