Why Gemfan is the best!

Posted on May 07 2017

Why Gemfan is the best!

I am seriously passionate about drones, FPV, and new technology, but I am also passionate about doing what you love. Everyone who knows me knows I believe in loving what you do so you don’t need to work a day in your life.

When I had the privilege of meeting the guys behind Gemfan I felt the same type of passion and compassion for what they do as I feel for what I do.

Companies like Gemfan are the reason why I do business more and more with people who love what they do and come up with new ideas doing it! The innovators of this world are the reason I can’t stop doing what I do.


Thank you to Gemfan for giving me access to the magic that goes on behind the scenes and really making me values companies who do them and that do not copy others. I agree with you copycats are shitty.

Congratulations on all the success and cheers to much more!

Check out the latest from Gemfan here: http://www.gemfanhobby.com/en/index.php

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