Visiting Skip a.k.a CWB

Posted on March 24 2018

Visiting Skip a.k.a CWB

After we left the town that Zach is from, we ended up in San Diego, and by the time we got to San Diego, we remembered my friend Skip lives there! It was perfect.

For those of you who don't know, Skip is also known as CWB "Crazy White Boy". You really get to know that in the beginning of my video, when you can see him doing a wheelie on his cooler cart!

Not only did Skip put the whole crew up for a couple days, but he also let us rip his backyard track whenever we wanted. I got a lot of batts in on that track! 

Did I also mention that I failsafed on the railroad tracks? Yeah.. that was scary! Got it back just in time though! Only casualty that day was a battery, thankfully! 

Made good use of DaLunchbox there too! Every friend Skip had over was pretty much glued to the screen! 


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