Typical RV Life

Posted on March 23 2018

Typical RV Life

Just another day on the road for Da Lunch Crew, we stopped in an RV park when we were hanging out with A_Nub, just so happened to be at an epic flying spot! 

Naturally, with us flying our drones in the field by the park, it gained attention. Fortunately it was positive attention! We met a nice family, 2 grandparents with their grand child, and they loved the drones!

We got their grandson to get behind the sticks of a Tiny Whoop... And oh boy did he kill it! The whole crew was impressed by how quick he picked it up! We put his DVR footage in the edit, check it out

The family we met at the RV park, ended up backing the kickstarter that day! They were very intrigued by drones, drone racing, and DaLunchbox V2! 

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