• Oct 17, 2017
  • Jason Mainella

So yes, I own an RV now!!! I feel so badass, you have no idea, so this weekend I decided to take it out for the first time at Canada’s biggest drone racing event, the Canadian Drone Nationals. Joining Team Canada FPV in Ottawa was a blast and they took the top 4 spots home for the win!!!


This year has been a real journey, so many places, so many people, and I have to say each time I head to an event with Team Canada FPV I feel so alive. Seeing the passion and success of the team unfold was truly amazing.


Now new members join, PewPew, Iccmattak, Bull, and the saga continues!!!


Also, seeing everyone chill in and out of my RV was amazing, I almost shed a tear. Gag707 using my rear view camera as a screen to race his RC car, like what?!

Drone racing and this community means more now and in the future to the world than we will every come to know. Literally doing my raffle this weekend was one of the most beautiful, humbling experiences I have ever had. 

I cannot wait to head into the world with this RV blessed by the people that were in it this weekend. Thank you to the Canadian Drone Nationals for giving me the opportunity to share such an epic weekend with Canada’s finest.

Next stop, MegaDroneEx in Louisville, Kentucky with the RV and the fiancé ;) Stay tuned for the special surprises I've got for all my followers!!!!!!! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for live videos and in the moment action from my vita!!!