Tiny Whooping the Mission Inn in Calfifornia

Posted on March 17 2018

Tiny Whooping the Mission Inn in Calfifornia

So my friend Robby that the crew met in Las Vegas, just happened to live a few hours away in California, he invited us to his place, let us park the RV, and took us out to some awesome spot to whoop!

This was one of the craziest spots I've been to fly my Tiny Whoop, It was an old hotel, that was really fancy, and it had crazy architecture and artifacts.

The coolest part about whooping the mission inn, was when we saw the security guard, he was so interested in what we were doing, so he came to check it out, and was glued to DaLunchbox! I think we gave him the bug! 


It was a really awesome place overall, if I ever get the chance I am going back! Check out the video from that night! Also if you're interested in purchasing your own DaLunchbox V2, or just want to check out some cool stuff, click here!

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