The Shanghai Drone Race Got Shutdown, Twice!

Posted on May 16 2017

The Shanghai Drone Race Got Shutdown, Twice!

So… the Shanghai Drone Race was set up to be epic. Major players like Chad Novak and Nytfury were there, huge companies like Team Black Sheep helped set up the race ... so what happened China?


Story goes that the first day after setting up a course on a beautiful field, someone flew his or her DJI into the sky so far up that the Chinese Government was not having it. Check out my video from the event it was non-sense:

Understandable, I guess, but obviously there is nothing that will stop us from flying. We found an indoor space and set up a course all night into the wee morning. Only thing, by the time I got back to my hotel room for some shut eye I got the call from one of the organizers that they cops had shut us down, again.

I spoke to Multi GP News about what happened in this video:

China I had an amazing few weeks with you, I love you for so many things, but this was not cool. Let’s just say we cannot wait for China to redeem themselves with cool technologies and events for the coming year ;)

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