The School of Drones - China

Posted on May 29 2018

The School of Drones - China

So last day in China is here! I have one last thing to do, a presentation at a school!  This was Platinum's first time at a presentation like this, he seemed to really enjoy it. Another funny thing about the last day... Platinum left his drone on a bullet train!!!

After we got off the train we went to security, filled out a form to report the lost drone, then headed out to the presentation! These kids were awesome, very smart, talented young pilots! Some of them have flown, some of them have never seen inside the goggles!

All the reactions of the kids were absolutely priceless! I love doing presentations, I love working with kids, I love to inspire! It was such an amazing trip! 

I can't wait to go back to do more school presentations! I know Platinum is hooked too! Check out the video to see how happy these kids were to get a chance to fly drones! Oh yeah... you can also find out if Platinum got his drone back or not. ;)


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