The RV Adventures Begin - Lunchbox On Wheels USA Tour!

Posted on November 01 2017

The RV Adventures Begin - Lunchbox On Wheels USA Tour!

So as many of you may or may not know, I bought an RV, left my apartment in downtown Montreal, got Lucky and the wife ready and am now driving on my way to the Mega Drone X racing event in Louisville, Kentucky.

I will be travelling across the Unites States of America, not really sure of my exact destinations after Kentucky, but flying every step of the way.

Why am I doing this?

I want to get away, I want to flyyy awaaayyy, yeaaaa eee yeeaaa.. queue Lenny Kravitz song now (
I have wanted to drive across Canada and the USA flying drones and living life for a very long time.
I was looking for a cool way to market my new invention, Da Lunchbox V2, and thought, why not?

Goal is to visit the coolest people I’ve met and of course, that I will meet so far in the FPV community, share my story, promote my invention, and have fun along the way.

If you like this idea and what I am doing for the FPV community, follow me. I will be sharing my days of YouTube, vlogging live from Instagram and Facebook so you can really feel like you are on this trip with me!

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!!!

I am also thinking of starting a Patreon profile! Let me know what you think about that?!

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