• Sep 28, 2017
  • Jason Mainella

What a weekend!!!! Driving for over 15 hours to two big Canadian drone races and being with Team Canada FPV who ended up taking all of the top spots in both events, yes they made me really proud to be Canadian eh ;) I have to say I have been loving my life recently and honestly even more when I get to travel around with the drone pilots from Team Canada FPV. Not only do they support me in everything I do as LunchboxFPV, but these guys are the most talented and humble people I have ever met.

This weekend was nothing short of some amazing racing and good old fashion drone fun. Everyone won, from the organizers to the racers, it was all positive vibes.

And wait what? I got to hang out with Mr. Daves from Ireland again!! I haven’t seen him since our drone race in Ireland at the Titanic docs, seeing him literally put the biggest smile on my face bringing back some real good memories. But that wasn’t the only cool thing that happened to me… I got to hang out with the one and only Furadi. His first time in Canada and I surely hope not his last!


If you want to see a little part from our trip, check out the live stream of my Sunday Raffle last week driving from Niagara to Ottawa with Team Canada FPV on my Facebook Page.