Ripping with Zoe FPV

Posted on April 04 2018

Ripping with Zoe FPV

This is so exciting! We got to meet up with Zoe FPV!! The entire team was so excited when we found out this was happening! We all love Zoe! 

Zoe took us all around Santa Cruz, we ripped whoops, she ripped her micro drone too, we entertained people, and just had an overall amazing time!

Zoe FPV said she had such an amazing time with me and the team! Which made us so happy that we could show Zoe FPV a good time!

We whooped so many places I can't even count them on one hand!! It was so much fun! The only bad thing that happened.. I lost my crimson whoop! Not even in a cool way! I accidentally hit my throttle when I had a dead battery.. it failsafed into the ocean! Then that night Platinum lost a drone on a roller coaster! We both didn't record it :( but hey! It happens! We had fun! Check it out!  

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