Ripping & Dippin' with Zoe FPV

Posted on April 08 2018

Ripping & Dippin' with Zoe FPV

Last two days with Zoe FPV, sad to say but the tour must move on! Before we left we did a whoop challenge day! My favorite is when she challenged me to fly through a classic car that was parked on the street.

I also got my first 3D experience that day! Zoe brought her micro drone and was flying in 3D in a sick whoop spot! The team and I were mind blown to see what she can do with it, I'm seriously considering getting some 3D set ups for myself.

Check out Zoe Ripping the micro HERE.

The next day before I had to go, I got the opportunity to see her fly some 3D 5 inch drones! Man was that crazy. I also took her on a Lunchbox style long range flight and flew to the city. 

This had to of been one of my favorite long range flights! You should go check out the youtube video.


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