Playing Around at Friendly Hobbies

Posted on March 10 2018

Playing Around at Friendly Hobbies

Since the lunch crew has been stuck in Las Vegas, due to RV transmission issues, we decided to make the best out of it. We met up with a cool local, who goes by the pilot handle "Laxerbation", who took us around to show us some cool spots.

The first spot he took us too, was a hobby shop called "Friendly Hobbies". It was honestly a really nice shop! The people there were super cool, they held the shop open late so we could come by. They had a really badass whoop track too, so of course I had to rip it! Check out the video from Friendly Hobbies!

Being at the shop was a ton of fun, we ripped some whoops, Lax let Platinum and I fly his 2 inch brushless drone, and they demo'd some DJI goggles for us!

Plus Brice got to work on some drones, so we all left happy!


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