Platinum's Back in School!

Posted on June 28 2018

Platinum's Back in School!

Summer is here! Platinum is out! Team Pilot Derek "Platinum FPV" Clee, is out this summer spreading the FPV love at local summer camps and schools! 

Platinum is the first and only Lunchbox pilot in Ontario Canada, he will be proudly representing the team this summer in Ontario. If you have a camp or even in Ontario, and want to see Platinum demo DaLunchbox V2, then feel free to send an email to anyone on the team and we will be happy to set something up! 

Just go to "The Team" page on my website! Or better yet ... Click here! 

If you wanna see a short video of Platinum flying for the kids, then click here

Now let's go spread some FPV love! :) 

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