OK, Multi GP Just Blew My Mind This Past Week

Posted on August 18 2017

OK, Multi GP Just Blew My Mind This Past Week

Throwing no doubt the most organized, executed, and well connected drone events I have ever attended. That is a big statement, but my hat goes off to the team behind the Riot Races that took place in Muncie this past week.


I mean there were 8 tracks running at once, all day, everyday!!!! INSANITY. My Facebook feed literally came to life with all of the drone stars, innovators, and investors in front of my eyes instead of on screen. I am literally in AW. 

All the shenanigans and good times really felt like bonding among friends. The sense of community was strong and above all else, that felt like the real glue sticking us all together. A huge thank you to Multi GP for hosting such a great race for the community.


I had the chance to travel with Team Canada FPV and watch the races up close. So many winners and a major CONGRATS to everyone who raced, the team, and again Multi GP.

Watch this video to hear one of the founders explain what went down: click here.

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