MultiGP International Open 2018

Posted on August 17 2018

MultiGP International Open 2018

MULTIGP IO! You gotta love it! International Open is always a ton of fun, It was awesome bringing the RV and the crew. We set up the drone education center, played some games gave out some swag.


We also cooked up hundreds of burgers for the pilots.. when I say hundreds I mean HUNDREDS! Throughout the weekend we could 125 burgers each day to all the pilots and volunteers. Platinum came down with his parents so his dad was killing it on the grill with me.


The entire team killed it this weekend I'm so proud of them all. Erin a.k.a Samus FPV, was awesome this weekend, this was the first time we got to meet up and have her represent. So happy to have her on the team! 

Thanks so much to MultiGP for everything! Those guy work hard to make sure the pilots have a great time! Thanks to everyone that stopped by to see us, say hi, play some games and chill, it was so great to see so many familiar and new faces! 

Can't wait for next years IO! If you wanna see the video from International Open, click HERE! 

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