• Nov 12, 2017
  • Jason Mainella

After the dream that was MDX weekend, spending time with some of the most awesome people in Indiana and Kentucky, next stop was to see the Nashville crew! I was invited by the gracious Gunslinger FPV to spend some quality FPV time with him and the boys.

Quality time it was!!! I got my quad stuck in a tree, as many of us do, but wedged between two branches, it was one hell of a quad retrieval!!! You can watch it by clicking here.

I actually also flew one of the best shaped buildings I’ve ever flown, and of course shoot some guns :P The video of the cool building in the abandoned financial area is one of my favorites, you can watch it by clicking here :)

My lovely fiancé Lorena was deathly sick with the flu since MDX, so she really didn’t get to see any part of Nashville with me! But thanks to the pilots Nubb, Gunslinger, SoyBoy, and HoverState, I had a blast ;) We set up a Tiny Whoop course inside Gunslinger’s house. Of course we did, LOL.

Check out this video I made of our Tiny Whoop adventures, click here ;)

Not sure where I will head to next, but that’s part of the adventure!!