Lunchbox Has Officially Shipped World Wide!

Posted on May 07 2017

Lunchbox Has Officially Shipped World Wide!

I have now shipped my swag LunchboxFPV creations to 16 different countries! Thank you world, thank you internet, and thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and the website.

LunchboxFPV is more than just me, we are a community of people who are dedicated to learning, innovating, and sharing within and out of the FPV community. To sum us up in a general term, I would say winners.


I could not be more proud of my swag and that every time I ship out something from my site I am supporting innovation, teaching, and learning in the FPV community. I promise to keep pushing out more creations, more videos, and more adventures for you all to follow!


I hope one day I get to visit every single country I sell my swag in.

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