Love China / Love Drones

Posted on May 01 2018

Love China / Love Drones

Finally got to rip some 5 inches in China! May have only got 1 batt in, but damn was it fun! 

Last time I got to rip a full batt was when I was coming home from the USA tour. It felt like it was way to long since I ripped my drones. Now i'm at a new spot, in a new country... It feels amazing.

My friend Andy from, was the one who took us out, he brought his daughter, who is so cute, and was completely mind blown when she saw the drones ripping! 

After we ripped that spot, we tried to hit up another one, but had no luck. So Andy took Platinum and I to an old China town, where they had bad ass artifacts, and just an overall cool experience. 

It's a really awesome video from that day! Go check it out on YouTube.

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