Leaving Fort Myers And Our Bad Gas Part 2!

Posted on December 05 2017

Leaving Fort Myers And Our Bad Gas Part 2!

Leaving Fort Myers was bitter sweet, I mean the journey must go on, but what a great time. We stayed an extra day than planned, need I say more? So Leaving Fort Myers was supposed to be great we would stop by Tampa to collect some things from Code Red and then head to New Orleans before our final stop in Texas. But…our bad gas problem came back.

We stopped to switch drivers and what do you know, the RV chocked at a red light just 150m from a gas station! So obviously, we called AAA, but because we were in this small town in north Florida, it was Sunday, and we needed a tow truck to pull a 32 foot RV.

It was about 3 hours that AAA was trying to find a tow truck for us when… THE POPOS!!! Four police cars to be exact, pull up to see what is going on. Since AAA couldn’t help us and we were clearly not in a safe location, the police decided they could actually push us with their trucks. Yes I said push, hahah it was honestly surreal.

The next day, we finally got a tow truck and made it to a mechanic near by. Time did pass so slowly and we actually got our baby fixed :D YAY!!! Changing the fuel filter and removing a sensor was all it took.

Check out the video I made on YouTube by clicking here.

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