Posted on March 27 2018


One last night at Skip's house, we have had a lot of fun. Tiny Whooping, flying the racers, retrieving quads from the train tracks! 

It wasn't just an ordinary night for Da Lunch Crew, we have Platinum FPV his first  REAL Team Black Sheep Crossfire experience! I took Platinum into the clouds.

It wasn't your typical cloud surfing though. We watch the sunset above the clouds! It was amazing, coming down was a little scary, but I guided Platinum back home to safety.

You have to see Platinum's reaction after we brought him home! It's priceless. Check it out! 

Also if you haven't got a chance to see the kickstarter campaign you should go now! Time is running out, and DaLunchboxes will be arriving to door steps near you before you know it! 

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