I Was The First Guest On The Quad Talk Podcast This Year!

Posted on January 21 2018

I Was The First Guest On The Quad Talk Podcast This Year!

If you are in the drone community, at one point or another you have listened to a quad talk podcast, well at least I know myself and many others have. It was my surprise when the boys hit me up to ask me to be the first talk for 2018!

Of course I said yes and the guys gave me a call to shoot the S*&T and talk quads. Now quad talk has been around for a while and the hosts are known for producing quality podcasts for the community. I mean they have interviews with Trappy from Team Black Sheep, Gab707, Detroit Multirotor, and so many big names in the scene.

Von Quad, Code Red, and SilicoSick, asked me about my past tour in the US, how I started in the industry, micro drone company Teeny Drones, and what my plans for 2018 are. I can’t thank these guys enough for taking the time to get to know me and learn about my journey educating the world about FPV.

The podcast is an hour long and really hilarious at times, but informative as well, if I say so myself. I really hope the Quad Talk fans enjoyed it and I hope you will too.

For the full podcast click here! For more about Quad Talk check out their Facebook or Website!

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