Posted on March 16 2018


It's official! I am in my 30's! I can't believe how much time flies by. My 30th birthday party was a lot of fun! The Lunch Crew and I went to an awesome Irish pub. Couldn't of picked it better myself! 

The pub we were at held weekly turtle races!!! Unfortunately we were one day too early! But we got to have some good food, couple beers and whoop outside the bar, so it was a very great birthday! 


My lovely fiance Lorena, got a hold of all of my friends, and they all sent me a personalized birthday video. Then Lorena put it all together and made me an amazing present. It brought a huge smile to my face and tears to eyes! Check out my birthday video here. 

Of course there is more to it! Lorena and Platinum went out in a scramble, picked up a cake, made sure the restaurant was ready for us. We got a private room with a big TV, so they even ran to Best Buy to get a cable so I could watch my Birthday video on the big screen! Check it out.

Also don't forget to check out the Kickstarter! 

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