I Raced Drones For The First At This Years Mega Drone X

Posted on November 06 2017

I Raced Drones For The First At This Years Mega Drone X

Mega Drone X, what an event. The best pilots from all over the world coming together to Louisville, Kentucky, to compete for titles of best professional, intermediate, and team pilots. I was there of course, with TeamCanadaFPV, and competed on the intermediate level for my first time ever!

The experience of being there, supporting the sport, the community, meeting so many cool people it was a perfect reminder of why I do what I do. I recommend racing for fun though and really going in with that spirit, that worked for me and I had the best time, no matter what.

Of course being able to share my latest invention, DaLunchbox V2, with some of the best pilots in this community was the highlight for me.

My lovely wife vlogged the whole event and we posted a 45 minute long video for you all to feel like you were there of Day 1! Click here to watch: Lunchbox On Wheels - USA Tour - MDX

Mega Drone X really set themselves apart for me and of course as many know we lost Lucky and were lucky (hahah i know) enough to find him. Thanks to some really special people and the amazing staff a the Mega Caverns (Kim... Thank you again).

This is truly as is my life, a wacky adventure already. Cheers to Lunchbox on Wheels ;)

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