• Dec 10, 2017
  • Jason Mainella

I haven’t had much time to race my whoop on this USA tour of mine, so I couldn’t be happier than to place on the leader board and fly with some awesome pilots in Topeka, Kansas this past weekend.

When I was invited to race at the Whoop Race hosted by Adronealine and Tiny Whoop being announced by the famous Joe Scully in a crazy arcade style kids paradise, my eyes lite up.

Being there in person was even more than I imagined, I met up with old friends Cody aka CodeRed and Jesse Perkins creator of Tiny Whoop, and was staying with the man himself humble and true Mr. Austin Evan Wright of Adronealine.

We had a great time, I live streamed lots of it and even had Joe Scully take over for a while, it was truly awesome. Check out the flight video I posted of me at the venue by clicking here and subscribe to my YouTube channel!