• Feb 19, 2018
  • Geek Labs

Such an honour to be invited among the best pilots in the world for this years Tiny Whoop Invitational 2018!!! LeDrib, JetFPV, Armonic, and more in what I can only describe as the crazies FPV track ever created!!

A huge thanks to Jesse Perkins, the owner of Tiny Whoop and host of this amazing event. What a great way to create strong bonds within the community. Lunchbox is very, very happy :)

Also, got all of some cool T-shirts from our Tiny Whoop x Lunchbox Kickstarter campaign out to the pilots which made me smile.

Today is qualifying for the micro race, and I posted a video of the track to show you what has been going down for the last few days.

Check it out now here and I will have another update from the Tiny Whoop HQ soon!!!