• Mar 19, 2018
  • Geek Labs London Collaborator

Being at Robby's house was amazing, when we were whooping around in the western world, it was time for a hike, so we could crossfire the mountains in his backyard!

Robby's friend Dabs FPV came by to rip some batts, we all hiked up the mountain.. but someone didn't have crossfire... Dabs FPV had failsafed into the side of the mountain! 

As we all know in the FPV community, there is no drone left behind! After Dabs lost his drone in the mountain, the next morning I decided to go catch the sunrise on the mountain, and Dabs met me on the mountain so we could find his drone.

So two great things happened.. we found Dab's drone, and I got to fly a sunrise on a mountain! It turned out to be an amazing video you should really watch it!

California long range ripping was so much fun, I can't wait for the next mountain! 


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