GemFan Whiskey Props And The Untold Story

Posted on July 18 2017

GemFan Whiskey Props And The Untold Story

So I cannot be more excited that this is happening. A few months ago when I was in China I met the owner of Gemfan hobby. What I didn’t expect was a beautiful magical collaboration due to my taste in fine liquor. 

He asked me to go for a drink with him one night. On our way, he asked me what type of drink I liked. This moment changed the course of my future. As an Irish man at heart and of heritage, my favorite drink is whiskey of course, so I answered accordingly ;)

Then he said, “funny I love whiskey”. 

The light bulb in my big Lunchbox head immediately came up,'OMG whiskey props', literally the omg, hahaha. Make a super efficient prop, that is the colour of fine whiskey.

Now after working with our super talented designer Sam to create the ultimate packaging for this uber idea, you will soon be able to purchase Gemfan whiskey props proudly approved by Lunchbox FPV! 

Stay tuned to my website for release date ;) 

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