FPV Micro Drones & Beers

Posted on April 07 2018

FPV Micro Drones & Beers

Last stop in California! Grant from fatshark invited the team and I to a Tiny Whoop race in San Francisco. 

So we ended up showing up to the race about 2 hours late, in typical team lunchbox fashion, but it wasn't out fault, driving am RV in San Francisco is a nightmare! But my lovely fiance champed it, got us a parking spot and we got there in time for the race.

I also got the opportunity to try the new Fatshark HDO goggles before they were released. So that was awesome. Overall we had a lot of fun.

Platinum and I showed up and dominated the race! No practice laps or anything. We ended up getting first and second place. Since it was a brewery we raced in, it was only fitting out trophy was a pint! 

Check out the Youtube video!



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