Finally Heading To Some Warmer Weather, Florida Here We Come!

Posted on November 20 2017

Finally Heading To Some Warmer Weather, Florida Here We Come!

Any Canadian who gets the chance to escape winter will want to find a piece of that beautiful sunshine. Honestly, that was the best decision we ever made :D Thanks to Kaziko FPV for inviting us to the beautiful area of north Florida in Jacksonville.

Mr. Philip Brown, aka Kaziko FPV, invited us to stay in his beautiful area. Not only was my fiancé in need of some sunshine, but I needed some sunny spots to fly my quads.
I can’t even explain what an adventure it was, the first day we flew and soaked in the sun.

Day 2, I flew my quad while sitting in a golf cart, being drove by Kaziko, and followed the cart. This was one of the craziest stunts I have ever pulled and let me tell you one thing, that was NOT EASY. It took me a good 5 minutes before I could stop feeling like I was falling out of the car and flying away at the same time. Watch the video by clicking here!

Too cool was our flight over an unfinished highway, seriously one of my favourite flights, so calming going in a straight line. Some pretty wild times if you ask me, ;) But it didn’t end there!!! On our last night, Kaziko and the fiancé followed me in the golf cart while I rode my trolley around and then we flew the biggest building in Jacksonville’s downtown area. TOO EPIC.

Check out the first video I made while in Jacksonville by clicking here. It was truly and awesome time, THANK YOU KAZIKO!!!


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