Final Day in Las Vegas

Posted on March 15 2018

Final Day in Las Vegas

It's finally time for the Lunchbox Crew to get out of Vegas, we have come to our last night and it's time to head over to California. Before that happens, we had to see Fremont Street. 

Old Vegas was really crazy, of course we brought our whoops! Flying around the entertainers was a lot of fun, we entertained the performers, everyone was loving the Tiny Whoops and DaLunchbox! 

Of course it being Las Vegas, there was some unusual sights on the strip, like Minotaur's and half naked girls.. of course we had to whoop something crazy! 

The lady's loved the whoops! Of course we all have some young ones that want to watch drone videos, so we made a PG version of the video! 


If you're over 18, and want to see the full whoop experience from Vegas, then click here! 


Also don't forget to check out the Kickstarter Campaign! 

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