• Nov 30, 2017
  • Jason Mainella

Platinum FPV aka Derek Clee, is one of Canada’s newest FPV underdog’s, I met him at the Canadian Drone Nationals, but didn’t really get to speak to him until the Mega Drone X races at the beginning of my trip. When he told me he would be in Florida around the same time I was, it felt just too right to go and meet him.

And boy am I glad we made that drive to see Platinum in Fort Myers. He was staying there with his parents, Donna and Mike, who were incredible hosts. We connected on a real level, it was awesome.

We flew the beautiful golf course that was literally in their backyard, we woke up to fly for sunrise, we whooped a pool of alligators… yes alligators, and we whopped a bar in the middle of the city.

Fort Myers was amazing thanks to the Clees and our adventures were wild and wacky. Make sure to check out the videos from my time in Fort Myers on my YouTube channel by clicking here.