Drones, Friends & Dogs

Posted on April 11 2018

Drones, Friends & Dogs

I got to meet Bongslide! This guy is amazing omg, such a nice person, and hilariously funny, it was a constant laugh with Bongslide.

If you watch the Youtube video, you'll notice at the beginning Platinum and I trying to hold the awning down on the RV, that's because 5 minutes from Bongslide's we came into a huge wind/rain storm! It was so crazy.

This was the last official stop for DaLunchbox Tour 2018. Oregon is a beautiful place, I would suggest to anyone to go there. If you go there, make sure you go see Bongslide! 

Maybe you'll be in time for one of Bongslide's whoop races in his dispensery!


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