Drone World of China

Posted on April 25 2018

Drone World of China

It's time to get working on production for DaLunchbox V2, after only 3 days of being home, it's time for Platinum and I to go to Beijing for the hobby expo.

So awesome to have the opportunity to do some R&D for DaLunchbox inc. As well as see some new technology and play with some new drones. All I can say is I love my job.

Not to mention I got too see my buddy from Team Black Sheep, Trappy! So awesome to see that guy, I love hanging out with Trappy we always have a good time. Love that guy.

I also threw Platinum into the China culture head over heels! This small town kid had know idea what he was getting into.. he thought the USA trip was crazy.. not even close! First night we had him eating brains, stomach and scorpions! He took it like a champ. 

Check out the video of the hobby show and Platinum's reactions to the Chinese culture.

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