Drone Racing in Shenzhen China

Posted on May 27 2018

Drone Racing in Shenzhen China

I got invited to a private race in China! Who would've thought that would happen when I was here!?

The track looks awesome!! I'm really happy I got a chance to go to this race, I met a lot of really fast pilots like, Min Chan, Kimg Tang, and even Milk! I also had to opportunity to meet the new president of Multi GP, David Roberts!

Unfortunately I didn't get to race! But I did have an amazing time watching! Next time i'll be ready! It was such short notice, I had no quads ready. I did have something... the first product demo of DaLunchbox V2!!! 

It was a great time, I was happy I had DaLunchbox so I could watch the race from my seat!! Check out the video on YouTube to see this amazing race! 

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