DaLunchbox V2 Update

Posted on July 15 2018

DaLunchbox V2 Update

OMG It's happening guys! The mold is complete, production is underway, DaLunchbox V2 will be shipping out any day now! 

The whole team here is doing very extensive quality control, any piece that comes out of the mold, with any slight imperfection, spot, dot, scratch, anything, it will be going straight to the trash! Every DaLunchbox V2 that leaves the warehouse will be perfect, Lunchbox approved quality control. 

I just want to thank each and everyone of you. Your love and support motivates me more then anything else, I couldn't do what I do without all of you guys out there. Thank you all, I love you all! This whole thing has been filled with blood sweat and tears. Seeing those boxes come out of the mold made me sob! 

Any day now DaLunchbox V2's will be shipped out to everyone who ordered one! If you haven't ordered yours yet, hit up this link to order yours today.

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