DaLunchbox V2 Launches On Our New Website!

Posted on February 19 2018

DaLunchbox V2 Launches On Our New Website!

It is finally time to talk about DaLunchbox V2, the much anticipated multi-purpose base station. The Lunchbox team has been working hard to get this new website out to you and today we are so happy to welcome you to our new site :)

DaLunchbox V2 also makes it's first appearance on our new website as we come closer to launching our Kickstarter campaign in ten days. You will find all the pictures and descriptions of this amazing innovation here.

We have made our website clearer and easy use. In addition, by adding Lorena, Platinum, and Jesse, to my team, you now get access to endless support for any of your questions or comments. If you have something to say contact us here!

Our website is ready for you to wonder and discover, come check us out now :)

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