DaLunchbox V2 Arrival

Posted on August 30 2018

DaLunchbox V2 Arrival

New video up on YouTube :D Team Pilot Platinum made a short video of him getting a lunchbox delivered to his front door! 

Since he's had access to DaLunchbox V2 for a while, its cool to see his creative side, and using his imagination to create a video of what it would be like for him to actually have one delivered to his house. Plus we get to see LunchMom in the video which is a bonus. :) 


I want to see more videos like this from other people :) It's cool for me to see what people use their lunchbox for, Platinum looks like his main use will be a whoop box and a buddy screen.

Head over to Youtube, and drop a comment in the video and let me know what you think! Can't wait to see more videos with DaLunchbox V2 ;) 

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