China Famous

Posted on April 28 2018

China Famous

I'm China famous! When I was at the Beijing Hobby Expo, there was a media booth called Bomb Rooster. They pulled Platinum & I aside and asked us to do an interview, and fly our tiny whoops.

They seemed thoroughly impressed when I told them about Team Canada, and all our sponsorship's, and how seriously we took drone racing. Since we brought our whoops, he was dying to see what we could do with them.  

Since we weren't in our booth at Gemfan, security ended up putting a stop to the whooping really quickly! But, I got a quick pack in playing with the Bomb Rooster Gates, and they got enough footage to make a pretty sweet edit! Check it out here.

The expo was an amazing time! Thanks again to Bomb Rooster for the interview and letting us rip your gates and booth! It's always fun showing people Tiny Whoops and educating people about drones.

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