Bad Gas On The Way To Fort Myers :O

Posted on November 28 2017

Bad Gas On The Way To Fort Myers :O

So yes it finally happened, RV Troubles. We pumped gas at WalMart gas station near Tampa and started driving to Fort Myers when we stopped to switch drivers… the RV didn’t want to start up again!

Pressing on the gas and hearing our RV choke and choke and choke was such a horrible feeling. Luckily my background in car mechanics saved us there. While the wife was calling a AAA tow truck to bring us to the local garage, I was thinking it was probably some bad gas.

The timing of the engine sounded off, so I pushed and pumped that gas until we got her rolling again!!! Straight to a gas station to pump supreme gas into the tank is what I was going to do, and did.

The RV rode beautifully all the way to Fort Myers, until we landed in the parking lot and pouff, engine spit out on us again, we were SO CLOSE! Definitely still some bad gas in there mixing with the supreme gas.

I decided to buy some gas cleaner and start her up again in a week when we head out of Fort Myers ;)

Check out the video I made about this hiccup by clicking here!

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