Back to the RV Life

Posted on March 05 2018

Back to the RV Life

It's that time! Time for me to get back to the RV, the lunch crew and I have arrived in Texas, and its time for the 2018 DaLunchbox Tour.

It was really exciting to get out of the cold and fly some drones! We had some problems with the RV, luckily we made it to a nice RV park where we were able to fly some ducks, and educate some kids on the world of drones! 

Check out the full YouTube video


Getting out of Texas is taking lot longer then expected! The transmission on the RV has blown, we got a new one put in, and they one went on us too! in the mean time, the whole Lunch Crew is making the most out of Texas! 

Texas is a lot of fun! But we are hoping we can get out of here soon, Team Canada has a big race coming up in Las Vegas. The XDC Clash of Drones team races! So in the mean time the whole crew is staying focused, working hard, and getting ready to leave Texas! 

Check out what we did in between working when we were stuck at the shop! 

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