A Lunchbox Honeymoon with My New Wife!

Posted on July 04 2018

A Lunchbox Honeymoon with My New Wife!

My honeymoon was amazing! I had such an awesome time with my wife in Riviera Maya, Mexico! 

The weather was beautiful, the drinks were cold, and LunchLady and I had a perfect honeymoon! To top it off, near the end of our stay I was able to rip the racer on the beach! 

We got to meet some nice people on the beach, they were really interested in the drones! Unfortunately DaLunchbox V2 I had was on a truck over to Platinum, so I couldn't show them my pride and joy, but! I did have a OTG module, so they got to enjoy the view with me! 

It was an amazing spot, and an amazing flight! The YouTube video turned out amazing too ;) Check it out! 

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