A Day at the Flyno Shop

Posted on March 01 2018

A Day at the Flyno Shop

While I was in Texas, I had the privilege to take a tour at the Flynoceros shop. It was really cool to see the shop where the Team Canada frames come from! 

The whole team had a ton of fun at the shop, also learned a lot about behind the scenes at Flyno! Josh Ingram, the owner of Flyno, was kind enough to allow us to do some top secret testing! Check it out here! 

Platinum FPV was mind blown from the shop, he looked like a kid in a candy shop! He ended walking out with 2 brand new flyno skoll v2 frames, and a huge smile!

Flyno was an awesome time! it's always great to see Josh, he's an awesome guy to know, and it's always enjoyable to pick his brain! Can't wait to meet up again Josh! 

See you next time Flyno! 

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